teacher beating student

Is this the way to go for Kenyan parents? With the recent spate of arson attacks and demonstrations in secondary schools many parents are forced to pay for their children mischief.

A Georgia mom gave her daughter a corporal punishment and uploaded the process on Facebook live.

Watch A Man’s Father In-Law Beat Him After Finding Him Cheating On His Daughter

As her daughter whimpered in the corner after a four minute beating, Shanavia Miller  took over her daughters Facebook account. She first held the camera, fixed her hair and spoke to the people watching on the teens Facebook page.

“This is my page now,” Miller said “Now I’m gonna need y’all to send this viral.Please share this because I’m not done. More to come,”

The video was posted shortly, after Miller discovered that daughter Nia had posted pictures of her boyfriend in a towel on Facebook- pictures her mother believed were snapped in the family’s Savannah home. In the Facebook posts, the daughter said she had not told her mother she was sexually active. The mother was also outraged that the teen would post racy details about her sex life on Facebook.

In the video the teens mothers strikes her with a stick and other times while the teen cowers in a corner  behind a washing machine with her hands over her face.

Check out the video below, (Warning it contains graphic language and violence).