It is debatable, but if you ask me, Nairobi men especially those in their mid 20’s are the most annoying human beings around; call them wannabes.

They will do anything just to get noticed, from drinking themselves silly to generally acting like brats in public just to announce their presence.

They seduce anything in a skirt, unlike their mature counterparts who only go for classy women.

Go to town and look around keenly, they are all over, dotting the city council benches, waiting for turn up and one can easily mistake them for sales and marketing people.

If only Nairobi men could do away with the following annoying habits, then no Kenyan woman would be on the internet all day long searching for Nigerian men.

1. Pushing to sleep with a woman on the first date

This is where our Kenyan men have failed terribly. Who does this on their first date? They will ask to sleep with you yet you’ve just met for the first time. Most of them hit on girls on social media and quickly arrange to meet.


2. Being obsessed with a woman’s physical appearance

Every wannabe wants to date a lady who looks like Rihanna, Beyonce or J-lo. Dude, we all can’t be the same, if you don’t feel her kindly stop wasting your time and wait for Rihanna. Your dreams are still valid.


3.Lacking courtesy


4. Being over demanding and possessive


5. Using abusive language


6.Gold digging