Relationships are hard, let no one lie they aren’t. But there commandments women should follow to have a good marriage/relationship.

You ask why women? Because we are the snoopy one.

These rules will save many women from years of heart ache, ulcers and depression.
1) Stop going through his phone

For your health sake. You don’t want a man giving you high blood pressure.

If you know his password ask him to change it to what you don’t know so that even if he forgets his phone and you still can’t control the urge, you won’t be able to access it.

2) Get family planning 

Stop the whole abortion thing. If you can’t afford it then download the app called Flo. It helps you know your unsafe period.

3) Find out the cost of leaving him (house rent, feeding)

Start making money and start saving no matter how little it is. Open an account he won’t know of and credit every week.

It’s Ok if you don’t want to leave him but you still need your own money.

‘I was just trying to be strong,’ Juma Jux on Vanessa Mdee’s depression after their breakup

4) Stop stressing yourself

Stop  doing something special for him eg like cooking. Trust me, his side chic does that already. If you must do something extra do it for yourself or your kids.

5) Make friends and make a life that does not revolve around him. It’s very important so you don’t lose yourself.

6) You can’t pray a man to change. Prayer only works if he’s willing to change. Rather pray that God gives you the grace to succeed in these things.

7) Virtually every one cheats just that some people manage theirs better. I repeat don’t let him give you high bp its not worth.

8) Mind your business and hopefully he won’t hit you again but if he still does. Then leave him before he kills you and makes his side chic wifey.

9) If you decide to cheat on him too, never send nvdes with your face in.

Video call’s aren’t safe because he can make screenshot.

You don’t want someone blackmailing you. Be sure you’re ready to walk out of your marriage before you go down this line though.

10) After all has been said and done LIVE,LOVE,LAUGH.

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