Bishop Kiuna

Kenyans are savage!

They will attack you, hurl all insults at you and if you aren’t strong you will end up embarrassed and humiliated just like decorated city pastor Allan Kiuna. The man of the cloth who was recently consecrated into the office of Bishop by Bishop Tudor Bismark and Bishop Freddy Edwards is the current talk of the town after his church members bought him a chopper.

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The flamboyant pastor took to social media to share the good news to thank his congregation for buying him a private jet on his 50th birthday.

Thank you very wonderful people! He posted on his official Instagram account accompanied by the pics below


This did not go down well with Kenyans as they attacked ‘Dad’ as he is popularly referred to by his gullible followers. Bishop Kiuna was forced to pull down the post after it generated negativity across various social media platforms. The photos were also lifted from the internet.

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Check out some of the comments by Kenyans on Bishop Kiuna’s newly acquired private jet

Bahati: Unachangia pastor pesa ya jet na mamako hana nyumba…the devil will dance Azonto on your grave and I’ll edit the video.

Ekim; Private jet ya Dad wa JCC Bishop Kiuna…NOW u understand why Jesus Wept and why Doctors were in the streets last week…Pay rise….Happy holidays…..


Wokabi: Private jet for what?? No wonder you wount ever hear a Catholic priest buying a private jet or buying expensive cars. Your tithe (sadaka) is put into good use. i.e helping the ones in need.

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James: were the members under influence or manipulation NO!!! kati yenyu mnacomment negative anyone’s money stolen to contribute for the Jet NO!!! so let the ones contributing and those whos lives have changed continue blessing their pastor. after all they have that money to contribute kaeni hapo mkicomplain namkicheza bets. mean while the money you should be following is what is in your pocket and the one in Waigurus pocket.

The man of God later posted a photo of a woman whom she referred to as a cabin crew member which has also set tongues on fire.