Kenyans are savage.

Before you do or post something on social media, be very careful. It might turn against you. Always have in mind that ‘social media si ya mama yako’.

NTV business anchor Wallace Kantai recently took to Twitter to criticize men for putting on sandals in public.

“Kenyan men there is no excuse whatsoever for you to wear sandals in public. Ever. Ever. Ever,” Kantai tweeted.

It’s wasn’t clear if he was attacking his colleague from the same media house Larry Madowo who set social media abuzz last Friday when he appeared on air putting on a pair of brown sandal but this did not go down well.

Larry Madowo

A Kenyan man by the name Jasiri (a Swahili word which means bold/courageous) responded to Wallace Kantai  and the response was very mean.

“There’s no excuse for you yo carry a stomach bigger than your wife’s baby belly. EVER, EVER!”

Read Jasiri’s response which has left many talking for days. Indeed Kantai didn’t see this coming. Before you criticize others, ensure that you are white as snow.

Here is the screenshot

Wallace Kantai