Kenyans are savage! You cannot just abuse, insult or do anything that might annoy them in their home country.

They will attack you back and leave you humiliated. They don’t come with chills. Sema mporomoko wa matusi! If you doubt this, ask Koffi Olomide who was deported after a video of him kicking one of his female dancers at JKIA went viral.

Well, yesterday, top sports personality Chiko Lawi went ham on visiting Jamaican reggae artiste Damian Robert Nesta “Jr. Gong” Marley the youngest son of superstar Bob Marley after he snubbed his fan  at the JKIA.

Chiko Lawi

According to Chiko, there was a woman and her daughter at the airport who just wanted to say “hi” to Damian but one of his bodyguards was not for it. Chiko who was around was puzzled and it’s not clear what transpired between him and Damian but he claimed that one of his bodyguards insulted his mother and he could not keep quiet but went ahead to rant on social media. He didn’t mince his words.

“Damian Marley just ignored a young fan with her daughter because he is too tired! I just could NOT hold it back….especially when his people said f* my Moms….I almost became physical yo!!! This is Kenya….a*hole! ?? Forget Jamrock….Welcome to the 254! Here, I can keep it real…. …and y’all about to criticise me…..WHATEVER….He brought my Mother into it. ?????? Sauti Sol na Nyashinski have never insulted me….so….??.”

This left Kenyans surprised with Chiko’s action. Many didn’t see it coming. An influential media personality uttering such words?

Chiko Lawi

Well, Chiko’s remarks ignited various reactions and here is what his followers had to say;

Jahwere: @chikolawi If the man doesn’t feel like talking or taking selfies, So be it, don’t bitch about it. He is human. Move along

Chap: But why are people so angry at someone they don’t know based on a one-sided, insult-filled 60 seconds clip? And what makes you feel so entitled to a hello? Or a selfie? Why are you so mad? This shameless rant is a letdown @chikolawi…shame

Pta: So insulting back was the best thing you’d have done???smh…I actually don’t believe the young fan-daughter story…just a cover up for sour grapes. You have embarrassed us as a country and you should be ashamed of yourself!!!!!

Kris: But still all this so called stars they act the same yet forgetting we pay them we made them… am sure they can have a good way to hide their personal issues… be professional for once…. that’s a kid u ignoring he or she will grow hating you … maybe you used to inspire the person seeking your attention …but now gone…. I saw the same with Christiano Ronaldo a young boy wanted a selfie with him he pushed the boy in Dubai mall the boy was crying .. do you think he will live to love him?

Alikioko: Darkness can’t drive out darkness, Only light can; Hate can’t drive out hate, only love can.?

Jeff: One of the best lessons you’ll ever learn in life is to learn how to remain calm no matter what

Gowi: Excellent job @chikolawi ????. Someone who’s famous because of the dad anatuletea ujinga. Afathali tuende show ya Papa Jones.

Van: Finally someone stood up to these artists who think they can come up here and talk shit!! CHIKO pewa mbili hapo 1824

Arch: Can we send you to Parliament to say the same to MPigs?

Diana: That was good he should take his f**cking **s home.

Eric: A short bald fool who thinks he can fight people for refusing him stuff. Infuriating.

Odero: This is sad.And immature.And just..sad.

Shirowaruinge: “this is Kenya” what are you trying to imply? That we insult celebrities when they refuse to take a selfie with us? ?G. R. O. W. U. P

Winny: I’m silently wondering does he realize the role he plays in Kenyan media.. young people may look up to Chiko and definitely not for this. Such actions may even cost him his job so if he really had.. if he really had to insult back, was it necessary to record it for the gram!? Deal with the direct issue without tainting anyone’s image esp. your own.

Wah: Someone on this thread has asked you to delete this post. Good idea. You are harassing the guy! Your response is also not equal to the alleged ‘offense’ of him ‘ignoring a fan’. Another fact: He CAN say no to a selfie. He can! You, on the other hand should know better than to taunt him like this. What happened? You appear ridiculously entitled and incredibly rude. Also, I truly think your journalistic capabilities well surpass the use of a handful of profanities to ‘report’ the matter.

Muriithi: This is totally uncalled for. Rather than spewing profanities to Damian, you should have confronted whoever went mama on you.

Henry: @bienaimesol I agree with you at some point but still you don’t throw insults at someone’s mum, personal issues or not! So how many peoples mum have you insulted just because you are experiencing personal issues? Ignore the person and walk away silently

Sauti Sol’s Bien Baraza was pissed off with Chiko Lawi and he jumped on the ‘trend’ savagely attacking the Kwese Sports presenter.

Bien; You actually don’t know how he’s feeling. He may be battling some serious personal issues and a selfie is the last thing he needs. You feel like you’ve won but you’re losing.

And Chiko went ahead to reply to him and others who were criticizing him;

Chiko: It’s ok bruh….but has anyone ever told you “f*ck your mother” in a Jamaican accent? It hurts more, trust me….?

Many have called out the talented media personality and asked him to pull down the post and apologize but 12 hours later, the post is still up.

Bien: Bro I’m you’re friend but you have seriously let me down here. This is so stupid. It’s just not necessary. And what’s with all these people applauding this shit!!!!! F**k!!!!

Do you think Chiko Lawi will swallow his pride and apologize?

This is not the first time foreign artistes are trending for such reasons especially here in Kenya. There have been several cases of foreign artists mistreating Kenyans and last year, a lady was allegedly assaulted by Chris Brown after she asked to take a selfie with him. Also, Nigerian artiste Burna Boy abused Kenyans on Twitter a few weeks ago after he was questioned for his poor performance yet they had paid for it.

Does it mean that the local promoters are not doing thorough research before inviting these so called superstars to perform in Kenya or is it their (foreign artistes) nature (bad behaviour) or we as Kenyans are so annoying?