Akothee trolls

Akothee is one of the many celebrities who engage trolls. She serves them hot and unadulterated clap-backs and woe unto you if you fight her because you’ll lose both the battle and the war.

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The self-proclaimed president of single mothers clapped back at a fan who said she and her family members were ‘ugly’.

Cebbie Koks, Akothee’s younger sister posted a photo with three other family members, wearing black t-shirts with a photo of their late in-law.


‘Kumbe mko masura personal hivo bila filter🤣🤣🤣 always give thank to mr filter..especially akotheee🙌,’ Instagram user identified as Rienggal wrote.

Akothee came out guns blazing and she didn’t mince her words responding t the troll.

Malaya mzee wewe. k*** ya mamako.

Another fan also lashed out at the troll for being heartless.

@rienggal how heartless can you be… people are mourning…and all you can do is throw insults….what a world we live in. My prayers are with you and your family Akothee. May the good Lord bind your wounds and heal you.

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Reacting to Akothee’s response,  bafeinnocent wrote, ‘@akotheekenya 😂😂 Uhuru alikataza mambo ya mama.’

Another user identified as mitchellmwennie wrote, ‘@akotheekenya hahhahaha you made my day boss ladyt ..wachana na hawa wazeee😂😂’

The family lost their in-law last month.