The boss lady Zari Hassan has opened up about how traumatic it was for her to live out her relationship in the full glare of the public limelight.

She has two children with bongo star Diamond Platnumz.

They broke up when Diamond sired a love child while still in a relationship with Zari.

And denied it.

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Now, Zari has learnt a hard lesson that has impacted how she lives her life.

Speaking on her Instalive, Zari said that she has received numerous queries about King Bae. And more so, why she has opted to keep him private.

She addressed the fans saying,

“Kingbae naona watu wanasema wanamiss Kingbae. Ile issue nimeamua kuiweka private.  (Everyone is asking about King bae. This relationship I have kept it private and it will remain so).”

Adding, “Nimekuwa kwenye mahusiano sio mara moja… yale mahusiano yakiisha mtu umeshamtangaza, mahusiano yanaisha alafu unafaa kuelezewa watu. (I have been in other relationships and when they ended I was hard pressed to explain to people what happened.)

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Zari continued,

“Saa zengine inatokea kama siku moja ile issue ya kunicheat, mtoto kuzaliwa… vitu kama hivyo. Saa hizi ikiisha, inaishia huko huko pembeni. (You find that when an issue like infidelity crops up and there is a child involved… everyone knows. But now, if our relationship ends, it ends and there is little to no hullabaloo,” She wrote

So there you have it, King Bae belongs only to Zari and her family.

No one else.

Pundits have dismissed Zari’s claims saying that he doesn’t exist.

Well, Zari doesn’t care to respond to them.

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