Zari hassan has been exposed by Nelly Alexandra Kamwelu, a top Tanzanian model-cum-video vixen, of warning her to stay away from Diamond Platinumz.

This was after a video of her kissing Diamond surfaced online.

Zari and Diamond had been dating, a union that sired two kids namely Tiffah Dangote and Prince Nillan.

They broke up in February 2018.

Diamond Platnumz with Zari

In a recent interview, Ms Kamwelu said Zari reached out to her with caution that she should stay away from her man while the two (Diamond and Zari) were an item back in 2016.

Top Tanzanian model Nelly Kamwelu reveals that Zari warned her to stay away from Diamond

“Actually that time Nasseb (Diamond) ni mtu wangu and I knew him long time ago tangu nyimbo yake ya nataka kulewa and he is like a brother and me and him had nothing between us.

Even the hug and the kiss was not a big deal and most people know that.

What made it complicated is that Zari sent me a DM, If I wanted him I would have gotten him long time ago as we were very close.

If there was something between us then Diamond would not have put that video on his social media page.’

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Nelly Kamwelu


‘Zari sent me a DM and told me that I was not good dating other people’s men. I responded and told her that there was nothing going on between us.

I assured her that there was nothing to be worried about.’

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Asked about how she became friends with the WCB CEO, Ms Kamwelu said that they met at a photo studio.

’We were introduced by Rakky at his studio. He wanted me to help him get models and the concept for his song ‘Nataka Kulewa’ and that is where our friendship began.’

She added

‘After Zari texted me I reached out to Diamond telling him I was not comfortable as his woman had texted me and he promised to talk to her.

This was so that she could understand we were just friends.

So from that it also left me wondering if she would go around sending DM’s to every lady she sees with Naseeb.

That means she is very insecure.’


Diamond is currently dating Tanasha Donna and they have a son.

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