Zari in white

Zari Hassan is so angry with her ex-lover Diamond Platnumz after he revealed that he sends Ksh 200,000 as child support to his two kids Prince Nillan and Princess Tiffa.

Zari has now opened up in an interview with Millard Ayo shading Diamond for giving false information.

I told him hakuna kurudiana, The last money I received from him was Ksh 200,000 and was part of the contribution of Tiffa’s party.

Zari says this money was received in October 2018 before telling Diamond that she and him were not going to be together again. Since then, Zari says the singer has not seen his kids and has never bothered to call or check on them.

Don’t you even feel ashamed as a man. You are sitting where you are, and pretending to be posting things and you have the audacity to go on radio and say that  that house if I want to sell it, I can, your kids stay there and you know you don’t pay even a cent on their school fees. You have the audacity to tell us you can sell the house?

She went on to shade the singer;

When they ask men to show themselves, you’ll also bring your balls and stand? You sleep every day for nine months without talking to you kids, who does that?

This comes after Zari announced that she is getting married and Diamond announced that he is set to throw a baby shower for Tanasha.