Everyone is talking about Zari’s reaction to rumours that Hamisa Mobetto could be pregnant with Diamond’s child.

Here is the thing, Zari Hassan and Diamond are at a point in their lives where they can have a sit down and talk.

This was after Zari dumped him on Valentines day for his many indiscretions that included getting a child with Hamisa while Zari was still in a relationship with the bongo star.

Now, Zari has come out to clarify that she is not going back to Diamond, come rain or shine.

This is even after Diamond has repeatedly tried to demonstrate that he would be faithful to Zari.

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Diamond and Zari Hassan Wedding
Diamond and Zari Hassan Wedding

In the much talked about Iyena song, Diamond said,

“In our tribe, divorce is a sin. I was taught to be passive and ignore the childishness, so that tomorrow people won’t whisper and talk [about me]. Please kiss me so that I can feel myself and they can get embarrassed. They can drink poison, swell up, burst and die. Take my phone and delete the number and block all my side chics and exes.”

This has not thawed the ice cold reception that Zari has given Diamond ever since she dumped his cheating behind.

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Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz with his children Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan

In a recent statement, Zari told her fans that she is not, and will never, get back with Diamond. This was after, section of the media reported that Diamond few to South Africa to visit his children.

“Just to clear the air, we are not back together but have agreed on co-parenting as per my break-up post that we will remain great parents, to our lovely kids. Just a lil note to all our fans. We love you too,” Zari wrote.

Now, word on the street is that Diamond’s other baby mama, Hamisa Mobetto is pregnant. This will be the star’s fourth child but the second child with Hamisa.

Here is proof that Diamond planned to dump Hamisa for Zari, anyway

Hamisa and Diamond
Hamisa and Diamond

A fan identified as Rahel Kangere warned her to be cautious because, word had it that Hamisa and Diamond were expecting a second child.

“Ila Zari kuwa makini kuna tetenzi huku mtaani kwetu kuwa hamisa kashaanaza mimba nyingine ila lisemwalo lipo kama halipo laja,” said Rahel.

The boss lady then responded without missing a beat.

“azae ata kumi. Mi simwo!” Zari said.

Check out the screenshot of that convo.

Diamond recently bought Hamisa a house in Dar es Salaam.

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