Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

This is the explosive confession we have all been waiting for. Someone who will confirm that indeed, Diamond is cheating on Zari Hassan.

A damsel has come out to explain how she did it. The Tanzanian girl identified as Mia says she was messaged by the singer at around 10 PM to go to his house. She then confesses to have slept with the singer.

She told Shilawadu, a Tanzanian based entertainment site:

“Aliniita, nikaenda….Ilikua ni saa nne hivi, mimi nilikua na mambo mambo yangu. Nilirudishwa saa saba mchana.”

When asked the reason for her going to the singer’s house, she spilled the beans:

“Nililala na Dai (Diamond)”

About a week ago, the same girl captured a video of herself at Diamond’s house when Zari was away taking care of their kids in South Africa.

The video went viral and Zari responded to it by saying her house in Tanzania has now become a ‘guest house.’

Ni brothel ama lodging? Zari Hassan responds to Diamond Platnumz errant ways, calls WCB’s HQ a guest house

So, what kind of conversation did this girl and the Salome hitmaker have?

“Mazungumzo nayajua mimi na yeye.”

When asked if she and the singer have been in a long term relationship, the girl in question was hesitant to speak out but said “Ilikua ni kitu cha kumalizana wenyewe kwa wenyewe.”

“Siwezikusema. Lakini ilivyotokea ndio hivyo yaani….Ilikua ni kitu cha kumalizana wenyewe kwa wenyewe.Nilichukua video nje kwake, yeye angeniambia, angenikanya.”

So, is she still in love with the singer?

“Ashanitoka siwezikumpenda tena.”

Kim Kardashian kando! Zari Hassan is looking for surrogate, Diamond utaweza?

In the past, Diamond has been linked to a couple of women and this one becomes the second after Hamisa Mobetto, who have come out to publicly disclose of having s*x with the singer.