Zari and Diamond
Zari and Diamond in a file photo

Diamond Platnumz has shown his fans the shape of his heart.

The star went on radio and did an interview dissing the mother of his children and exposing her for “cheating on him”.

In addition to that, he said that none of his public conquests has ever dared dump him like Zari did – a year ago on valentine’s day.

The bongo singer revealed that he realised Zari was unfaithful when he came across a text on Zari’s phone that confirmed his fear.

This was much later after he had cheated on her and sired a child with Hamisa Mobetto.

Diamond claimed on air that the personal trainer,

“He was coming into my house…I have photos.”

Diamond later pointed out that,

“Maybe I was the reason [For her cheating on me because of my infidelity] but I loved her more [and differently] than she did me.”

To further defend his ego, Diamond then went on to say that he has never been dumped by any woman. They always leave him because he is already done with them.

Zari and DiamondDiamond, however, confessed for the first time that he did indeed love Zari but his errant ways may have pushed her away.

“I have never been left by any woman I have dated. If she ever gives me a hard time, I cause scenarios that will make her get so heartbroken she leaves on her volition.”