Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz in Nairobi during the lainch of his album

Diamond Platnumz is at it again. Be ready for some tea.

So for the last couple of days, Diamond has been rumored to be frequently visiting South Africa for the apparent reason that he is trying to win Zari back. He was so quick to hush those rumors.


Diamond is a man who can get any girl he wants for the mere fact that he is a star. So putting it out there that he is begging for love is something outrageous. Zari and her kids reside in South Africa (makes sense why Tiffa’s English is super, no shade to you Tanzanians).

Diamond claims that the only thing that takes him to South Africa is his children. But is Diamond pleading for another chance in love with Zari? Not him! Talking to Global Publishers he said:

“Ni kweli ninaenda. Siyo mara moja au mara mbili nimeenda. Nakwenda kule si kwa maana ya kumuomba msamaha, hapana. Nakwenda kule kwa ajili ya kuwaona wanangu. “Haiwezekani eti niwe natuma tu fedha kwa ajili ya matumizi halafu nimeenda Sauz, nisiende kuwaona wanangu, hilo litakuwa ni jambo la ajabu sana.


Those spreading such rumors are only doing so to create a buzz. To make stories that will trend because the headline has his name. I mean he has become the king of controversy so he should blame these rumor mongers.

Uchungu ajuae mzazi! Diamond in fear of Tiffah joining music as team mafisi might chew on her

Hao wanaosema kwamba sijui nimemuangukia, nafikiri itakuwa ni maoni yao tu na stori za kutunga, lakini kimsingi ni kwamba hayana ukweli wowote. “Zari ni mama wa watoto wangu na itabaki kuwa hivyo

Diamond just proved to the world that he is a responsible father. He is not only the father who sends money but also the father who wants to take part in every step of the growth of his amazing children.
Though we have not heard of or seen him spending much time with his child by Hamisa, seeing as this is his trait, we will just go with the positive assumption that he is doing the same for baby Abdul.

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