Sexy Zari
Sexy Zari

Back in 2016, Tanzanian star Diamond Platnumz hit the headlines for splurging a huge amount of money to purchase a home in South Africa for his family.

Diamond bought the humongous mansion to specifically please his then-wife Zari Hassan -whom they have now separated.

The split seems to be soar as Diamond did an explosive interview with Wasafi FM claiming that Zari cheated on him and also denying he is a dead beat father.

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Zari-and-Diamond-with-their-mumsDefending herself, Zari shot back claiming Diamond is disingenuous after all he once lied about fathering his third child while still married to her.

Now, fans have started attacking Zari claiming she should leave the villa that Diamond bought her.

Addressing those fans, Zari said:

“That nasty behaviour of bearing children with men without using your brains is not one that I exhibit. Those commenting and asking me to move out, listen, I used my brawn to get [Diamond] to buy me this house.”

Adding, “Remember, I have four houses in South Africa. Those who dare can come and remove me from this house.”

In a past candid interview with Tanzanian newspaper Mwanaspoti, Zari revealed that she also put in her money to help Diamond buy his mansion in Madale, Tanzania.

“When he (Diamond) got me pregnant with Tiffah, I decided to relocate to Tanzania. First, I helped him complete his mansion in Mandale.”

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Diamond new house
Screenshots of the new home

“I chucked a lot of money to help him finish the house knowing that it would be our new home. I even helped him import interior decors and furniture from South Africa having purchased them at Sandton,” Zari claims.

Diamond’s mansion is estimated to be worth Tsh400 million (Sh18 million), with the interior and furniture alone worth about Tsh70 million (Sh3.1 million).

“When I met Nassib (Diamond) he had no clue neither plans about his future but then I decided to settle down with him. I do recall the many projects we put up together only for him to turn his back on me. It hurts,” the socialite said.

Now, Zari is planning on moving out of the house after furnishing a new house that King Bae seems to have bought for her.

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That said, here are photos of the South African house that Diamond said he bought for Zari and his two children.

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