Businesswoman Zari Hassan has revealed that she was once a victim of physical abuse in a past marriage.

Zari was married to the late Ivan Ssemwanga and later to bongo star Diamond Platnumz.

Zari was responding to Tanzanian celebrity Shilole’s shocking reveal that she has been a victim of abuse in her marriage to Uchebe.

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Zari narrated her life with the late Ivan in a long post.,

“I am a victim of physical abuse, it took a lot of courage to be able to identify myself and say it is now enough.

“Do I have to wait until I’m dead and cold in a coffin without saying anything?

“We are always been scared, especially what people will say,  you think maybe I will be judged or maybe I am ambitious or maybe we have good relationships, that what will the family and community say? I’m a famous person that will humiliate my name.

“And I have nowhere to go, where to eat, I won’t get a job, if I take my children away from their father, I will be rejected by my family, I will be a bad wife or partner because some African women were raised in circumstances to stay with their husbands in whichever case.

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“I have often been asked why I gave up all the wealth when other women seek it. I was called a fool. While they do not know what is behind the curtain.

“When will all these ends, and what time was it good to say then now it is enough? There is no time but let me tell you something, everything starts with yourself.

“Because as long as you keep quiet and close your eyes in any way, it will never end. EVERYTHING BEGINS WITH YOU. STOP SEXUAL VIOLENCE, STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMAN AND CHILDREN.

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“There is no reason to be abused even if she is bad or not, you have no right to beat a woman. Hitting a woman like a toddler

“I remember when I was in South Africa, there was a police officer who told me they often put inmates who beat women together with inmates serving life sentences so that inmates serving life sentences harass the men who would have beaten their wives for them to taste the abuse they render to their wives. You cannot tell what tastes bitter until you taste it.”

Zari finished off her message with the hashtag, “#SayNoToDomesticViolence.”

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