Diamond Platnumz TBT
Diamond's TBT

Zari Hassan has no chills when it comes to Diamond Platnumz. After dating the singer for three years and blessing him with two lovely kids, she still thinks he is ugly.


Zarina who handles all her kid’s social media pages, shared a photo of her last born Prince Nillan and wrote:

Father’s child but the cute version🦁

Zari son nillan

Her post left fans talking as to who is the ugly version. It will be remembered that Zari was head over heels in love with this very person she calls ugly. The two had even announced that they were getting married this year.

The Boss Lady said that Diamond would be going to see her father to finalize things.

She also said that her wedding would be the biggest one ever experienced in East Africa.

We don’t want a small wedding.Our wedding should be one of the biggest weddings East Africa has ever seen.Meaning the budget has to be big.

Zari added:

This year we are visiting my dad officially. Diamond is OFFICIALLY going to ask for his hand to marry me. He has been to See my family a lot of times but now he is going officially. He wants to take that step this year.

Diamond and Zari Hassan Wedding
Diamond and Zari Hassan Wedding

Their wedding didn’t come to be because Zari called things off in February this year…But she was featured in a wedding song called Iyena.

Check out fan’s reactions:

georgepeterssemanda  Yaaaa but not ever copy his behaviours plizzzzzzzzz

a_l_k_e_r Who is the ugly version then….😂😂😂😂

tricia_peekkkk 🤣🤣🤣🤣we know the ugly version

hadynajj the fact remains the fact these women gave him beautiful kids but he is Ugly period 👌

ashura196 Absolutely the cute version! Love this boy yoooo

kiguli_shafo Cute version😂😂😂. Savage of u nyllan