Former East Africa’s power couple Diamond Platnumz and Zari would be a great family today if things had gone well. These are the findings of a poll.

Zari and Diamond
The couple in the past

The two were fit for each other Vera is a beautiful lady and this can be evident from her photos on social medi but on Valentine’s day, 2018, Zari broke up with the father of her two of her five kids, citing infidelity as the main reason to their failed marriage.

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Well, several months later, the two moved on but their followers still insist that Zari was the only perfect woman for Diamond and I agree with them.

Below are some of the reasons why the Ugandan lady was the only woman Diamond Platnumz would have settled down with.

  1. The is the first to make him earn the title of daddy

When Zari gave birth to Princess Tiffah, Diamond Platnumz’s first child, she silenced those who had mocked the singer claiming that he was barren.

The singer’s mother even revealed that she respects Zari so much, more than any woman who has been with her son.


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2. Trend for good reasons and more

While with the mother of his two kids, Diamond would trend on social media for all the good reasons. From his music trending to concerts he graced. It was rare to find the Utanipenda hitmaker trending for negative reasons such as being banned from performing or trending for releasing dirty songs.

3. Couple goals

Zari 38 and Diamond 30 served us couple goals. From their baecations to their bedroom, they left many green with envy. Most young couples looked up to them. They were a perfect man made in heaven. Their fans even branded them East Africa’s Kimye.

4. Fashion sense

Diamond Platnumz’s fashion sense was classic. He dressed well like a professional musician. Everytime he stepped out for a meeting or traveled, he would dress very well. Also, while with Zari, Diamond never rocked the funny hairstyles he rocks nowadays. He behaved more of a cooperate and family man. Zari made sure her man was always at his best.

5. Mature

Zari was very mature. She complimented the 30-year-old singer. Also, she respected the singer’s family and there’s no day Diamond’s mother complained about her behaviour. Last year, the artiste’s mother beat up his baby mama Hamisa Mobetto, claiming she abused her.

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6. Zari was creative helped Diamond grow his brand

The mother of five is a business-minded woman and she helped Diamond grow his brand when they met. When he started dating Zari, his songs use to go viral and he gained more followers on social media. He also got deals with top brands locally.

Zari and Diamond
Zari and Diamond in a file photo

We asked fans what they thought about Zari and Diamond’s relationship and below are their responses.

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