The couple in the past with their two kids

Diamond spoke yesterday in an exclusive interview on Wasafi FM. The Bongo star had a lot of scandalous things to say about his ex.

The couple in the past

Two of the most outrageous were the claims that she had cheated on him severally and that she had prevented him from seeing their kids.

Zari lied! Diamond reveals he pays 200,000/- child support

She responded on Instagram refuting the claims and saying that the only reason he was tarnishing her name was to push his musical content.


She said:

I remember giving you the nanny’s numbers and that of the house if you ever need to call the children. Even when they kept calling asking you to call you never did even if you were texted and told that Tiffah is crying. It got to a point where you blocked them.

The socialite with her kids

Zari added that Sanura Kasimu (his mum), is the only one who tried to keep a relationship with his kids. Zarina even claimed that he had asked his mother to stop calling the kids as it made him look bad, something she says his mother defied.

Diamond mother mama Dangote
Mama Diamond

The mother of two of Diamond’s kids added:

From my side, we have forgotten you. You do not exist. You don’t have contact with the kids because you decided not to. Your ego does not let you. Emotionally financially we don’t get any support. So, I don’t understand where you get the audacity to go on national radio in your country and accuse me of having all these affairs. When you are the one who had affairs in our bed, in the house that I furnished.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz with his kids

She also cautioned the singer to ‘stay in his lane’ and stop spoiling her name with the affair rumours. The socialite finished of her rebuttal by saying that:

About the kids going to Tanzania, they couldn’t come because the last time you saw and spoke to them was in October. And you think I will throw them on a flight? That is why my lawyer asked you to come up with a parental plan.

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