Zari Hassan was in town to take part in a cancer awareness campaign by Colour Purple.

The influential figure in East and southern Africa revealed that she lost her mother to undetected cancer of the pancreas that would have been treated if it was discovered.

This was after the mother going for regular check ups for her blood pressure and diabetes.

Zari was in Kenya to share her story and encourage everyone to get screened for cancer.

“Today I Joined Colour Purple fraternity where I presided over the launch of Cancer Screening at Uhuru Gardens, Nairobi County.

Let’s all take a bold step and undertake cancer screening as a preventive and control measure to this treatable condition.”

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Joining her in this noble cause were several artistes among them Size 8, Kush Tracey, Wahu, Gloria Muliro, Vivian, Nazizi and Sage Chemutai performed at the event.

Zari made a grand entrance at the venue.

Check out how the boss lady arrived.

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For those who missed the concert, here are some photos as well as celebrity looks that will jazz your life.

Also check out the live blog that has all the details – photo and videos – from the night event

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