Zari in white

The boss lady is not happy at all.

She has dragged Kenya Airways for stealing from her.

Zari claims she spent over Ksh 244,000 for a flight from Dubai only to land and find out that they have stolen staff from her luggage.

“So disappointed in Kenya Airlines. I’ve been loyal, but you always do me wrong. The other times I’ve ignored, but not today. All the perfumes I received as gifts from my friends in Dubai just disappeared.”

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She added, “What am I supposed to wear for my meeting? Let’s not ignore the fact that your flights are always delayed and no explanations are given to passengers, still I ignored. I’ve never been on a KQ flight that’s on time. Shame on you.”

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Zari sent the official of Kenya Airways a warning demanding her satff back, or else…

“@officialkenyaairways you have my return date better make sure someone finds me in the lounge and return what belongs to me. I didn’t travel for free, you set me back $2440, now I want what’s mine back Periodt! And we will end this relationship in peace.”

Here are some reactions from her fans who have also had similar experiences.

olybetsy: @zarithebosslady – Am proudly Kenyan but catch me dead on that plane. Our relationship ended in 2006!! I wonder what happened to the “Pride” of Africa

benzycruz: Sorry as Kenya Airways will form a commission of inquiry then the inquiry will inquire whether there were some rats or ants when the plane landed, maybe they will find there were some donkeys but after 3yrs of investigation. Sorry madam.. it’s Kenya Airways anyway.

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neriajacky: I stopped using kenya airways happened 2 me smtym bk.

mama_of___2: I will never forget how @officialkenyaairways brought so much pain to me. My then 7 months daughter depended on a certain porridge from Germany. We packed it for her and hipp baby food that would last us a month since we were visiting home in ug. My daughter only knew her food. The baby food was stolen 😳😳. We had to cut short our vacation because my daughter cried day and night since she couldn’t get the only food she knew. Never again shall we use @officialkenyaairways. KLM is now bae.

miss_dixons: @officialkenyaairways you zari an apology and return back her things or we minions are coming after you😮

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