Sadat Muhindi and Zappy Majirani

Majirani will be working with flamboyant businessman and Maliza Umaskini C.E.O Sadat Muhindi for a new upcoming project.

Taking to his social media Majirani wrote,

‘Held a successful meeting with maliza umaskini c.e.o Sadat Muhindi and brand manager Vusha Canam great people always ready to listen.

Thank you for always believing in me ,you guys were the first people who called and asked about my situation something am gonna remember all my life.

Thank u for the support we will forever be family…#moneymoves #nextlevel.’

Sadat Muhindi and Majirani

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Speaking about his upcoming project, Majirani said,

‘He said he is happy for me and he won’t mind working with me in future.

He also Promised to be there when I need him.

He wants me to work hard and proof many wrong. He also hopes that the new management won’t mess me up.’

Sadat is best known for having managed the late Papa Dennis. Dennis was best known for production of high class and flashy music videos.

The two had worked for so long and only stopped working together months before his untimely death this year.

Sadat Muhindi and Majirani
Sadat Muhindi and Majirani


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