A good Samaritan from Unguja in the semi-autonomous island Zanzibar picked up Tsh. 150 Million, an estimated Ksh. 7,050,000 and returned it to the owner.

Suleiman Bakari Ramadhan Akida played on benevolence after trying to find the rightful owner of the cash after conmen tried to hoodwink him fronting as the owners.

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Suleiman came across the stash around the small island of Unguja and aptly limited his search to the owner.

The rightful owner was an Oman national who answered all the questions Suleiman had to ask to ascertain the true owner.

Suleiman sent the cash to the owner through the bank and even went a step ahead to spend his own Tsh. 17,000 (Ksh.7,990) to make sure the owner gets the full amount they had lost.

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