Churchill comedian YY came under fire after stating that single mother’s are difficult to love.

According to him they always prioritize their kids.

This he revealed during a question and answer segment with his fans.

A fan posed:

“Can you marry a lady with a kid?” 

To which YY responded,

“Yeah if it is of God…First, most single mums make their child(ren) a priority even before the man and he then feels like a third party.

But most single mothers are hard to love because they make decisions 100% based on their children or how it influences them.

This makes you close to a 3rd wheel… ‘what will my child think?’.

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Below are some of the reactions.

Lizz Kananu: Upatie a full grown man all the attention who you are not even related to, akufanyie madharau aende. But watoto wako will always be there for you through thick and thin.

Bradley Wambugu Wambu: My first priority is my child and you should not name me a single mother. It’s mother and I value my kid first and I love him first so you should always be second 😏😏.

Monica Beni: By the way I am single mother of two kids and no way I can love you the way I love my kids.

My kids first if you can’t understand that wewe tembea.

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Maya Ma Leakey: They come first in whatever we do… And another thing, a man will leave and my kid will remain mine forever.

Stl Mbau: So I should stop loving my kids because a man has come to my life?

Rossy Monyangi: Am a widow, I’m not a single mother. My children come before everything and anything.

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