Citizen TV reporter Yvonne Okwara is trending for all the wrong reasons thanks to her failed effort at feminism.

This came after she defended Ivy Brenda.

For those in the dark, Ivy Brenda is a Kenyan women who days ago openly talked about recovering  from coronavirus.

Days ago, Brenda also got her saucy photos leaked and Yvonne Okwara came to her defense.

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Speaking during #Newgang Okwara partly said,

‘Its shameful how we behave on social media by bringing someone down.
If some one wanted to poke holes in the Brenda story they would have done so without sharing the nudes.

This is proportionally targeted at women, why is nothing being said about Brian.

She needs a lot of social support now, the irony of surviving Covid-19 only for you to suffer depression.’

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Kenyans were not impressed and below are some of their responses.
@SteveiGOtieno: YVONNE OKWARA talks rubbish & so much nonsense saying that People on social media need to be prosecuted for some of the things they say and never seen her talking about cyberbullying when that Idiot leaked Governor Lonyangapuo’s  nudes.
@ken_cheruiyot7:Yvonne Okwara should have acted professional on both Lonyangapuo and Brenda cyber bullying. Journalist should always be neutral and guiders instead of criticizing on one side.
@ItsMutai: Yvonne Okwara is crossing the red line. Her talk last night smells of a TOXIC FEMINIST hiding behind a skin of objectivity and occasionally sneaks out to embarrass her. I don’t condone cyberbullying, but I won’t allow anyone to play the gender card. SPEAK for both.
@Sly_Mecha: We Tend to think that the male Gender are so Strong that when they are attacked its Just Fine..
When my Neighbor Governor was bullied we went silent But on Brenda????