There’s nothing as bad as losing a loved one and a job that pays your bill at the same time. It can be depressing and that’s what happened to multi-talented journalist Sharon Barang’a.

Sharon Barang'a

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Sharon Barang’a was among the 50 or so journalists who were laid off by NTV last week. Taking to social media, she revealed that she had lost her job and her father in the same month.

‘I have lost my dad and job in one month…it is well. I am hanging in there. Thank you all for the calls, messages, and prayers,’ she posted.

Media personalities among them Yvonne Okwara sympathized with the mother of one and below are some of the encouraging messages to her.

Yvonne Okwara-Matole God’s grace to you.

Linda Ogutu May God give you grace Sharon and set out a new path for you.

Dorcus Mahianda It is well. You are headed for greatness dear🙏

Philip Mwaniki Pole sana. Prayers up for you.

Mashirima Kapombe It shall be well dear. Pole sana

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Aby ‘Westin’ Agina I smell a major global breakthrough in your life. Keep your head up high.

June Bosire June May our good Lord grant you his perfect comfort and open major doors for you

David Kwalimwa It is well. It will be well.

Brenda Mulinya Hang in there mami, all will be well

RK David God of all comfort, comfort you, It is just a season. He never deny Himself! He will put a new song to your mouth.

Caroline Makandi God will NEVER let you face anything that He knows you can’t handle!! Trust in Him and He’ll not only see you through this pain of losing your dad, He’ll also open new doors for you to secure a new job! He got your back sis

Ferdinand Omondi You shall overcome. You will overcome. You will be back.

Dennis Oketch Be encouraged. After every storm and turmoil, God restores calm. My condolences too for the loss of your father. I am praying for God to comfort you and promote you to greater heights.

Rodfan Memes All animals that exist, were in Noah’s ark. A snail is one of those animals. If God could wait long enough for snails to enter Noah’s ark.His door of grace won’t close until you reach your expected position in life.

Grace Msalame Oh Gods abundant Grace, Peace & Provision be your portion 🙏🏾 So sorry!

Eugene Anangwe Pole sana for the loss. Praying for more strength and God’s intervention

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