Yvette Obura has dared Bahati to buy his daughter Mueni a private jet.

This comes after Bahati had the audacity to rudely ask his baby mama – who used her own money and time to plan a birthday get-way for her daughter – why she used a train to go to Mombasa.

A very calm, Yvette responded to Bahati’s childishness saying, if Bahati feels like his standards are too high for his daughter to board the SGR train, he should but her a jet.

A daring Bahati, Yvette told audiences that him while appearing on his reality show, Yvette said,

‘So Bahati’s daughter cannot board the SGR train according to her dad.

Well, since he feels like he has enough money how about he buys her a private jet?’

Yvette who had taken her daughter Mueni to Mombasa to celebrate her fourth birthday had booked SGR tickets to and from the coastal city and Bahati was furious.

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According to Bahati, his daughter should not board trains, yeye ni flying class.

‘I do not want to know bring her back by 3:00 pm.

Why did you make my daughter board a train? My daughter goes to Mombasa by flight,’ Bragged Bahati.

In the past, Bahati hid the fact that he had a child and only acknowledged her when she was two years old and after he took a DNA test to prove it.

On the reality show, Bahati told his audience during a diary session,

‘I want the best for my daughter and as long as she is happy I can do anything for her. This is my blood.

I want to give her the life that I never had. All I want is to co-parent.’

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