Maria and Luwi

Citizen TV’s Maria series is one of the most-watched in the East Africa region.

The series revolves around the wealthy Hausa family and another poor family from the slum. Love is the main theme.

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Luwi Hausa is in love with a ghetto girl called Maria, who he wants to settle down with but due to several obstacles, their future together is prolonged.

Maria and Luwi

Well, the two act as girlfriend and boyfriend on the show and recently, Luwi penned a sweet letter to the one who has stolen his heart.

‘@yersmin_sayed you’ve taught me the true meaning of love, I look at your eyes and all I see is heavens ☺️ volume iko aje?’  read his post.

In another post, he wrote,

#LoveRedefined It’s been a minute @yersmin_sayed you make me tick #LuwiWaMapenzi.

Maria and Luwi

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The two are a perfect match made in heaven and their fans have always beg them to get married.

mayumi_001 Si mungekua Tu couples WA kikwel…😭😍😍😍u making me to feel jealous🤣🤣😢😢
agnessymgoi Nawapenda sna Maria na Luwi ❤️❤️❤️
thormers_thormers Marry each cha ukweli..sir_luwihausa🔥
staced12j  Wow greatest and most compassionate couple in acting❤️❤️❤️
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