Most Kenyans reading this are what you would call “real hustlers”. Now, if the idea of having a loose 1 million bob in your pocket doesn’t stir you up, then this one’s not for you.

We play hard and we work harder. At least my boys and I do. We like to make calls every day and catch up with each other. We send each other money on MPesa and call it “cashless living” because that’s the in thing today. We top up using MPesa too. It’s an easy way to exist!

So then, we’ve just learnt that this lifestyle could make us rich! How now? That’s what Safaricom is doing to peeps all over the country. My boys and I, we are first in line. Yes, we’re Kenyan like that and we love free things fam!

Safaricom is rewarding close to 100 Kenyans with a cool 1 million shillings in its largest promo called “Shukrani Kocho Kocho Kenya Nzima”. It’s going down and they are rewarding more than 5 million Safaricom customers across the country with more than KES 340M worth of prizes.

How does it work? Easy. You earn ten entries for every KES 20 top-up, and one entry for every KES 20 transacted on M-PESA.

The way it works on M-PESA is transactions that include sending money, receiving money from a business, transfers from a financial institution to M-PESA, and all Lipa Na M-PESA transactions.

Top up airtime of Ksh 20 on M-Pesa or scratch card and start earning entries. Dial *456*0# to check entries. #ShukraniKochoKocho
Top up airtime of Ksh 20 on M-Pesa or scratch card and start earning entries. Dial *456*0# to check entries. #ShukraniKochoKocho

Safaricom will reward eight winners from each of the eight regions with KES 1 million and in the Grand Finale, Safaricom will reward one winner from each of the 47 counties with KES 1 million.

There will be over 5,000 draws which will see customers win cash prizes between sh. 250 and 1,000 and daily winners of airtime.

The Shukrani KochoKocho Kenya Nzima promotion is following the “Maisha Ni M-PESA Tu” campaign which happened last year June to August 2018 and which saw 7 Safaricom customers walk home with apartments in Nairobi’s Kahawa West estate.

Let’s get this money! Me and my people are accumulating points and like a good friend of mine likes to say, “Hii tunafanya fyammm!”