Bahati and Diana

Bahati Reality is all about drama, which many reality TV buffs claim is scripted and acted.

In the latest episode, Bahati woke up late and was met by a sink full of dirty dishes.

The kids, Morgan and Mueni were busy watching TV, while Diana was basking in the sun, outside the house.

Kwani hii nyumba inakaa aje. [This house is so untidy? What’s happenning],’ the singer ASked. 

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The househelp wasn’t around and when he asked his heavily pregnant wife to clean the dishes, she didn’t take it lightly.

This house is very dirty,’ he told her.

Diana told him if he was complaining then both of them had to do the cleaning.

If it’s dirty then let us clean it because I cannot do it by myself.

The singer wasn’t happy with the idea and he said he had meetings to attend to, saying celebs don’t do house chores.

A celebrity to clean the house? Superstars don’t do that. You want to humble me… I have meeting to attend to today. I’m looking for money

The pregnant mother insisted.

I don’t know why you like taking advantage of my situation. Why did you rush to have a second child? Aren’t you the one who wanted another child and then right now you’re leaving everything to me.

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The singer was left with no option but do as the wife said.

Boy child anaonewa.

The couple later left for the regular clinic check-ups, where Diana had a sonogram the doctor assured them that both she and unborn child were okay.

But the pregnant mother said,

I wanted the practitioner to lie to Bahati that my blood pressure is high so that he can treat me like an egg (with more care). He treats me as if he doesn’t even know that I’m carrying a life inside me. 


He’s treating as if he doesn’t know I’m carrying a child.

After going back home, the singer promises to give his wife whatever she wants and boom! Diana sweetly requested for a new house.

Babe now that we’re expecting baby number two, our family is expanding and now I was thinking that you build us a home at Daykio Bustani. If you love me do it. Check out how the houses here are beautiful,’ she said as she handed a leaflet to her hubby.

The singer was shocked by his wife’s demands.

How do you just wake up and you decide you want a new house. Babe you want to take all my money now! Give a woman what she wants if you want peace in the house,’ he said.

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