Xtian Dela with Jeff Koinange Photo/Google Images

Social media bigwig Arthur Mandela, popularly known as Xtian Dela, took to social media on Tuesday to vent about an elderly woman who keeps sending him risqué photos.

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In his post, the Twitter sensation said the woman has been bothering him, sending all kinds of pictures and messages.

However, it got so bad that he could not take it anymore and he decided to publicly shame the woman whom he says is his mother’s age mate.

” I have been deleting and ignoring but…aaai…this is too much! It’s such a shame! I am NOT this kind of person! I have and will never use my position to promote or condone such behaviour,” his post reads in part.

Xtian posted a screenshot of the latest raunchy picture he has received from the woman in question saying ladies should first respect themselves for men to respect them.

Here’s the post:

Screenshot from 2017-03-28 17:16:56

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