Somewhere in Nyandarua County, Government officers busted an illegal factory producing sausages made from chunks of rotting meat and unknown chemicals.

You Can Now Eat Donkeys: Kenya’s First Donkey Slaughterhouse Opened

The officers who raided the mansion cum ‘factory’ after being tipped off by members of the public said that the products were unfit for human consumption and could cause food poisoning since the source or the meat and other ingredients used in the process were not known.

“We fear that the sausages could have found their way to neighbouring towns and we are asking members of the public to be keen on what they are eating,” said Kinangop Sub-County public health officer Mary Maina. Adding that the condition under which the sausages were manufactured was disturbing.

According to Magumu Assistant County Commissioner Mathew Wambugu, there’s been an increase in donkey skeletons that have been found in the area, adding that the business could have been going on for some months.

“Area residents had reported cases of slaughtered donkeys and we believe that the meat and other ingredients have been used to manufacture these sausages,” he said.

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