Goldalyn Kakuya with Isaac Mwaura

Goldalyn Kakuya became a national sensation after she emerged the top student nationwide in the 2017 KCPE exams. Goldalyn, who is living with Albinism scored 455 out of the possible 500 marks.

Goldalyn Kakuya

The young girl from Lubao, Kakamega County, met the President of the Republic of Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta and even attended his inauguration ceremony which was held at Kasarani on Tuesday courtesy of politician Isaac Mwaura, who unsuccessfully vied for Ruiru parliamentary in this year’s election.

Goldalyn Kakuya

But Kenyans are not happy with Isaac Mwaura, many claim that he is using the eloquent English speaking girl for his own benefit. A Kenyan man by the name Eric Ochanji has called out Isaac Mwaura to leave Goldalyn, who aspires to become a doctor to focus on her future as she still has a long way to go.

Here is what he wrote;

“Goldalyn Kakuya is an extremely talented young woman. I love her extraordinary confidence, the amazing ease with which she carries herself in public, her intellect, her striking beauty, her infectious smile and above all her English. And she has a name that we had never heard before. She is a juvenile enigma and I told my daughter, one year her junior to watch keenly her lengthy and electrifying interview with that woman on Citizen TV. And you cannot fail to notice her maturity. She is surely very much ahead of her chronological age.

At her age, I couldn’t speak English like that. Even now.

Goldalyn Kakuya
Goldalyn Kakuya and her parents

But Goldalyn is in the wrong hands. She has become a victim of a wrong man milking her childhood innocence and celebrity status to the fullest to achieve his own selfish gains. Isaac Mwaura loves visibility and when his own skin color could NOT bring it, he has decided to milk Goldalyn’s success and skin colour to feed his own notoriety. And Goldalyn’s parents are playing along gleefully.

It was good to go on TV, to meet the President, to get a holiday from a well-wisher and to visit the Albinism Society of Kenya, after all such kind of success is no easy feat. IT IS ENOUGH!

There are great things Goldalyn can do at her age as she waits to join form one. Like going to schools to mentor this year’s candidates at a small fee to buy items for her impending debut in school. Because she is good at it. This lady is an inspirational and motivational orator of high intellect.

But to let Mwaura walk with her to every political office and rally is courting disaster. There comes a time when a parent says ‘No Golda (as she is fondly called), let’s go home’

This bright young girl still has a long way to go. This Mwaura mentality should not be planted into her young head.

Such wanton plunder of innocence must be condemned.

It’s only class 8!”

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