Fans have angrily reacted to Mugabe’s son Chatunga Bellamine Mugabe on social media after saying his father can never be sacked.

“You can’t fire a Revolutionary leader ! Zanu Pf is nothing without President Mugabe ✊ Gushungo will always remain the champion of champions! Proud of you Gushungo Proud of Dad. Gushungo always and forever to death✊ People like Wellence Mujuru celebrate and march became of Jealous and ruchiva acting as if he cares for the people and unnecessary attacks!”

Bellamine and his other brother Robert Jnr have been living in South Africa for a couple of months now and are known for their flamboyant lifestyle.

Recently, they were kicked out of a palatial mansion they had been renting following violent confrontations with a security officer. They had previously relocated from Dubai and Harare following similar violent problems.

Robert Mugabe Jnr

‘Anyone Whose Last Name Is Mugabe Is DANGEROUS’ Fan Tells Model After She Was ROUGHLY Beaten By President’s Wife

Their mother, Grace Mugabe caught recently caught them partying with a South African model after which she beat her up resulting to a court case which has since then gone low key.

And yes, they are money spenders.

Bellamine poured champagne on his Ksh 6 Million watchat a popular bar in South Africa.

And the ugly part of the politician’s son is here, Zimbabweans have trolled the rich kids after his father who has ruled for decades refused to step down;

Summer Rose  said 😡Your father tried to run our country like a corner shop. Zimbabwe is not a family business you don’t own it! And what do you mean you can’t fire a revolutionary leader? Yes they can and so they did! It seems the whole family needs anti psychotic medication! Mental illness is hereditary…

You Little DipSh*t! Netizens Go In On Robert Mugabe’s Son Chatunga Bellermine On Social Media After Pouring Champagne On A Sh 6m Watch

Terry Werry : his young nigga doesn’t know the price of a loaf of bread. I respect your Pap’s too much but he has failed everyone it’s high time he has to go

RealTipsy F Charddonny: Nigga don’t u have money to be spending Please shut op,,,,angry birds out here ☠☠

RealTipsy F Charddonny :  know u still covered in terms of cash nd shit but shit is real out here

Helena Tambii Gumbo: Have you packed your bags young man?