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A Nairobi woman identified as Kalucy Mum Rayoh is not happy with the city council askaris. According to this woman, city council askaris are inhumane, cruel and don’t care about the health of city residents as they always throw teargas cans anywhere.

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She has exposed city council askaris who recently teargassed an asthmatic child leaving it for dead. She has written a letter to Nairobi governor Mike Sonko begging him to take action against the unkind officers.

Below is the letter, go through:

“Mheshimiwa, receive my greetings.

I’ll table my complaint without beating around the bush. This war against the city council and Nairobi hawkers, I don’t know whether they direct into the hawkers or to the innocent Nairobi’s street passersby and business owners.

Three times now we’ve been forced to run and leave our businesses unattended while we are looking for fresh air after the city council askaris decide to disperse hawkers using teargas. This risks our businesses as humans take advantage and loot. After the gasses fill the premises it means closing the business until the following day. Mheshimiwa we are making losses, we need to work in a conducive environment.

On Monday I witnessed a mum almost lose an asthmatic child. She was innocently walking through Latema road with the baby on her back and her bag on the head when the incident happened. She wasn’t hawking.

Mheshimiwa are there no better ways to solve this? We all need a clean Nairobi but this is becoming too much. Mheshimiwa, hatujivunii kuishi Nairobi bali tunavumilia. We request for a permanent solution to settle hawkers which means conducive atmosphere for Nairobians in CBD. We had faith in you when we voted for you and we still do.
Please settle this mheshimiwa.
Thanks in advance.

Kalucy mum Ryan.”

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