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A city woman is torn in between whether to go ahead and marry her boyfriend or not. According to the woman, she caught her boyfriend cheating with his ex-girlfriend and later proposed to her.

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She is not sure whether this is real love and she wrote to a relationship expert seeking advice.

‘I caught my boyfriend cheating on me with his ex-girlfriend. I saw chats where she said she took Postinor 2 and he even laughed and told her she wasted her money because his pull out game is strong. I was hurt and after confronting him, he begged me crying not to leave him. A few days after cheating, he proposed to me and I said yes. I’m at crossroads in my life at the moment. I am 29 years old and I don’t want to be single by 30. What should I do? Please advise,’ read her post.

Reactions include;

bowoto_lola There’s nothing wrong with been single at 30. Failed engagement is better than a failed marriage

binye Better to be 30 and single than 29, married and unhappy! Think twice…

chomah1 HE IS NOT! Anyways he’d still cheat on u with her when y’all married

leaddyskincare I beg you in the name of God, don’t marry him, you will regret it. You deserve better!

officialcontroll The fact that you didn’t break up with him immediately after you knew he cheated shows you’ve already made your decision. 8 days later and you said Yes so what should we do now?

alinyiselly_ome back to propose because the thought of cheating should bring tears to his eyes and an ache to his heart. There’s nothing wrong in being single and thirty, it’s better to be lonely and have peace than to endure a toxic relationship. You’re young and have no kids with this man

miss_eddyjames He will cheat in marriage and then buy u a car 🚘 🤣🤣 that’s if he will marry u then his ex will come to our house with a baby 🤣

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