Children are innocent beings, but sometimes, their innocence can just drive you up the wall. They will nag you with the simplest of requests and make you bow to their demands. Then kuna wale vichwa ngumu. The type who will stick a bean seed into their playmate’s nostrils until it’s stuck. The kind who will deflate your car tyre at your hood’s car park, the ones who will grab their friends’ chapo and run away with it, only to throw it in a pool of stagnant muddy water. They are called “little bin Ladens”. They terrorize your neighborhood.

There is this Kenyan gospel artiste called Gerriey Wainaina, who married a beautiful white lady from America, Aurora, just over a year ago. Recently, he decided to take her on a tour of his village, deep in the fertile highlands of Central Kenya. One thing I like about life in the village is the tranquil nature that surrounds the countryside.

gerriey wainaina
Gerriey Wainaina and wife Aurora.

Upon arrival in the village, the unthinkable happened.