Veteran musician Wahu is one of the most respected and popular artists in the country.

Not only because she is a talented singer, but also because she is one of the super celebrity mums in the country.

Plus she is the loving wife to top artist, Nameless.

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Wahu and Nameless have been together for more than ten years and celebrated their anniversary by sending sweet love messages to each September during their anniversary.

The power couple has been blessed with two lovely daughters, the first-born Tumiso and the younger one Nyakio who are their pride and joy.

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Wahu has from time to time shared photos of her first-born daughter Tumiso, chronicling her fast growth to the point where they are almost wearing the same shoe size.

Now, the ‘Sweet Love’ singer decided to share a throwback photo of herself back in the day when she was much younger, and the resemblance between her and Tumiso is mindboggling.

Wahu And Duaghter Tumiso
Wahu And Her First-Born Daughter Tumiso

In the photo, Wahu poses with her childhood friends and you can notice she was still beautiful indeed. She shared the photo with this caption:

My friend shared this childhood picture with me earlier on in the week ?? TBT!!!

It looks like her daughter Tumiso really took after her mom.

Check out the old photo below.


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