In recent months there has been an upsurge in the number of YouTubers. Which begs the question, why is YouTube all of a sudden an appealing way to reach followers?

We take a look at celebs who have thriving channels and what it takes to make such channels work.

Kate Actress

Mama K as she is best known by her fans shares her life struggles and triumphs.

Beauty regimes among other things.

What attracts fans to her channel is her ability to express herself with a twist of humor to it.

And don’t we all love some gossip?

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Kate Actress

Kate started her channel less than a year ago and she is almost hitting the 100K subscribers mark.

So far she has 97K subscribers.

Betty Kyallo

Betty is among Kenyans who took a leap of faith and launched a YouTube channel early this year.

This was after she quit working at K24.

Her YouTube channel which is only three months old has more than 100K subscribers.

Minor as it may look it is not an easy feat to bag 100K subscribers.

Betty Kyallo

This is because there are people who have had YouTube channels for years and they do not have a quarter of the subscribers’ Betty hers.

It goes to show that Kenyans are interested in her content and keeping up with what is happening to her life.

Kabi wa Jesus

The Kabi’s (Kabi and Milly) are among celebrity couples who run a YouTube channel.

Through the channel, they give their fans a glimpse into how they live their life.

This includes vacations they take, Home décor, and other things that they feel their fans might be interested in.

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Kabi wa Jesus
Kabi wa Jesus with his wife

Their efforts have not been in vain as they have been awarded a Silver YouTube Play button.

They currently stand at 287K followers.


This list would be incomplete without Njugush.

He co-runs the channel with his wife Celestine also known as Wakavinye.

So successful is their channel that they recently opened a YouTube channel for their son Tugi.

Njugush’ has 490K subscribers.

Comedian Njugush

Tugi’s channel was started three weeks ago and so far the young boy has 61K subscribers.

Henry Desagu

Desagu is among celebrities who have been awarded by YouTube for having achieved over 100K subscribers.

He is best known for his ‘Mwihoko’ comedy. He brings out humor even in the most difficult situations.

He has 380K subscribers. For someone like Desagu who has such loyal followers, he earns cash by doing collaborations with companies to market their products.

The Murayas

Size 8 and her husband DJ Mo has established a successful YouTube channel.

Through the channel, they address issues affecting other couples by showing fans that they also go through the same.

By bringing in neutral guests to advise, The Muraya’s help marriages going through the same problems to get a solution at no cost.

Size 8

They have 151 K subscribers.

Being two individuals with different personalities is a charm that has worked for the Muraya’s.

Here are tips on what makes a YouTube channel successful?


Providing consistency with your content is one way to ensure your YouTube channel thrives.

If you are not consistent your subscribers might end up following other people.


Creativity is the one ingredient that makes one YouTube channel stand out from the others.

One way of ensuring that you don’t lack creativity is through research and interaction with other people to share and exchange ideas.

Sharing ideas does not mean others will do it better than you, it might also help you to improve on your weak areas.

Being intentional with your content

Being intentional helps in ensuring that you don’t just upload for the sake of it.

It also helps in ensuring you tailor-make content to suit your intended audience.

YouTubers majorly make money from adverts and sponsorship’s. The higher the number of subscribers the higher the chances of getting more views.

The more the views, the easier it is to bargain for higher pay with sponsors and potential clients who would want to advertise on your channel.

If you have been meaning to start your own YouTube channel and you haven’t maybe it’s time you did.

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