Lillian Muli

Citizen TV Lillian Muli shared a TBT photo with her colleagues back in the day at KTN, which left many talking.

‘At KTN. Back in the day When the news consumer was only interested in the news of the day and not the personal lives of their favorite News Anchor. I must have been about 24 years old here.
I was so thin this is the only suit they could find that could fit me,’ she captioned the photo below.

Lillian Muli
Lillian Muli, Beatrice Marshall, Swaleh Mdoe, late Ahmed Darwesh and colleagues in late 2000s at KTN

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Her followers commented on the photo and Holy Dave Muthengi was among them.

‘This looks like the you I remember at the Daystar canteen at lunch time. 😁’ read Holy Dave’s comment. 

Lillian Muli responded to him, claiming he was too ‘proud’ and didn’t have time for her.

@holydavemuthengi lol yup but you were too posh you never had time for me.

Holy Dave denied the allegations and while responding to Lillian, he said she wasn’t approachable.

Watu wa Daystar, ati nilikua najiskia? 🤔😏 Nzisa wasn’t that approachable. Then she had a clique of girls, wah, wacha tu.

A section of his followers seconded Lillian and below are the reactions

shishythemodel I support muli 👌👌👌she’s not lying 😆😆posh guy

itsamolo She had a crush bro…. Hakuwa tu na confidence ya kukuapproach

ndanu_jeccy 🤣yaani Lillian is brutally honest

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_carol_becky 😂😂😂😂mtoto wa USA 😁😁😁hakua anapenda wakenya😁

_wanjikumwangi Lakini dave kila mtu alikua Daystar husema hii story 😂😂😂😂 Naona kuna ukweli mahali 😂

keithchuaga Kwanza ulikuwa unavaa nguo once unatupa

stitchkev Ulitupa mbao Bro

kabebi_10 🤣🤣🤣 It’s never too late tho

oballajohn Bro, hiyo comment ni confirmation ya semifinals. Your move!

itsmarywangari Look at you now😂😂😂she is too posh for you🤣🤣🤣hii life😂

calvin_tarrel ati you were a cool kid 😂

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