Zari in white

Zari Hassan’s family friend, Prince Micky Mill has posted a scathing indictment on Diamond Platnumz’ cheating ways.

In an Instagram post, Prince Micky Mill wrote,

“Her body is good for one night but her mind is good for a lifetime. Her mind is what’s gonna raise your kids. Teach her everything you want your daughters to know. Don’t lie to your woman.”

He added, “Don’t low rate or disrespect your woman… especially in front of your kids because that standard will brainwash your kids to let a man treat them like that because they seen their daddy do that first!”

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The trio

He warned all philandering men, “Remember that woman you with is your Queen she is the strongest piece on your chessboard, these whores on the internet is ponds. Don’t lose your Queen and end up with a joker.”

Zari responded to the post saying,

“Hmmm hmmm this is deep and beautiful at the same time.”

Prince added,

“Zari, you deserve the best mothers award in the world you strong forever you will be.”

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Check out the post below.

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