Chatunga Bellermine Mugabe

Binadamu ni wale wale. No sooner had the news about the fall of Zimbabwe’s President hit the interwebs, that people took to trolling Robert Mugabe’s children.

This is especially because one of the son’s of Mugabe took to social media to defend his daddy.

Chatunga Bellarmine Mugabe who is known for his lavish lifestyle and wild parties posted a video in support of his father.

This comes after an infamous video emerged of Chatunga, pouring champagne over his ‘expensive watch’ at a night club or bar in Sandton, South Africa.

Bellarmine and another unidentified person poured champagne from a bottle of Armand de Brignac gold, which sells for several hundred US dollars per bottle, over their watches.

Bellarmine also once bragged about his father’s now defunct post on Instagram, sharing a photo of his diamond encrusted watch with the caption: “$60,000 on the wrist when your daddy run the whole country ya know!”

Chatunga Bellermine MugabeYou don’t believe me?

Check it out below…


Anyhow, Chatunga posted on Thursday morning to an account that appears to belong to him, features an interview clip of his father from back in 1980.


Chatunga is not one to hide from controversy. But he has a softer side when it comes to his parents.

“My Parents have taught me a lot in life. Be Strong. Be Yourself. Be Bold. Do not let the opinion of others define you,” Chatunga posted on Social Media.

Netizens who don’t care for the first family took to social media to troll Chatunga. Here are some of the nasty and savage comments.

nuno.turbo: Looks like the party’s over. Better finish that champagne while you can.

dejabsSaka: 60.000 USD when your dad “used to” run the country!!! I swear if I ever see you in real life… I have the desire to kick your ass you little piece of sh*t.

madden328: Oh no…. someone’s daddy is no longer in power!!!!

burnett13091978: So good to see your dad where he belongs.

miss_charlottiiee: Awwww where’s daddy now ??

abidishakaloo: That’s right sh*t stains! The party’s over 😂.

georgehowardk: It’s all over homie.

One fan defended Chatunga saying:

Princelaw A. Nzuma wrote, “Some people are just interested in stalking and insulting this boy…what u fail to realise is that you can’t stop him from transforming his dreams into reality…and u will always waste your data on something u won’t change. …focus on transforming your lives,not to get high whenever Chatunga posts something… Whoever argues I will know I’ve hit a nerve haha..”

Check out photos of Chatunga.

Chatunga Bellermine Mugabe Chatunga Bellermine Mugabe Chatunga Bellermine Mugabe

Chatunga Bellermine Mugabe Chatunga Bellermine Mugabe Chatunga Bellermine Mugabe Chatunga Bellermine Mugabe