Controversial Rafiki film director Wanuri Kahiu urged Davos delegates to buy cinema tickets to support women directing movies in Hollywood and worldwide.

Wanuri was speaking at a World Economic Forum in Davos during a session that was webcast on Wednesday.

Wanuri Kahiu
Wanuri Kahiu

This comes after women were left out in the best director category for the 2020 Oscars.

If there’s a female director and you want to see more female-directed films, buy tickets. Do it for the data. Because this is the data for the industry that allows us to continue to make work, Wanuri said.

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She went on to say that it is not a must for one to watch.

I’m just saying you have to buy the tickets. Do it for the data, and do it for us, because we’re doing the work, she added during a panel on artistic freedom.

The controversial Rafiki film was banned in Kenya and the court ruling will be mentioned soon.

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