50 Cent

Rapper 50 Cent called out 32-year-old Like Mike star Bow Wow for allegedly stealing money from him at a strip club.

‘Oh shit, this little N**** BOW WOW took the Money home with him. @antthaladiesman get him before I kill EM,’ wrote the 43-year-old Power actor on Instagram.

50 Cent

The Get Rich Or Die Trying star apparently objected to the Bow Wow (That’s My Name) hitmaker pocketing several bundles of one dollar bills that Fifty provided him to tip strippers.

‘We came there like this, Bow wow stealing ones,’ wrote the rapper -whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III- on Instagram.

‘[Why] the f**k you ain’t throw that to the dancers. You better get me my f**king money by Monday,’ he continued.

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Meanwhile, in videos shared by Bow Wow -whose real name is Shad Gregory Moss- the younger rapper can indeed be seen throwing wads of cash toward the club’s exotic dancers.

Bow Wow

And in a subsequent video, the Entourage actor counted out $1000 while addressing the feud.

‘This man… he knows I came in with my own bag,’ began Bow Wow in apparent disbelief.

After counting out the money, he then threw it on the floor in defiance.

Meanwhile, last month 50 Cent took to Instagram after airing out his latest money-related grievance with actor Rotimi, 30, making clear he harbors no ill will against the Power actor, who paid him $100,000 to settle a financial beef.

‘I have no problem with @Rotimi in fact I wish him and his family the best God bless,’ he wrote, adding, ‘POSITIVE VIBES.’

The Candy Shop rapper has made headlines in recent months publicly haranguing those he claims owe him money, a group that includes Power producer Randall Emmett, as well as actor-producer Jackie Long.

He explained that the outstanding balance was as a result of a music deal he initially inked with 50 Cent’s G Unit company in 2014, which the two agreed to disband amid creative differences.

‘Let me explain the whole situation: When you’re signed to someone as an artist they give you a budget’ for promotions, quality control and marketing, he told the outlet.

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Rotini said that he and 50 Cent ‘didn’t agree on’ the release and marketing of his single Love Riddim, at which point he asked to get out of his deal, which 50 Cent agreed to – if he repaid him via an upfront sum, and subsequent payments down the line via royalties.

‘The way he handles situations is unorthodox, I think he was in a bad mood,’ Rotini said, adding that the public call-out left him ‘confused’ after he believed the pair had sorted things out privately.

He said he didn’t mind paying 50 Cent the $100,000 as he was ‘getting that money anyway’ via royalties.

-Daily Mail