Diamond Platnumz bae Tanasha Donna has blasted a female fan after she told the soon-to- be-mother that she is too young for the responsibilities that come with motherhood.

Tanasha and Diamond are expecting their first child any time from now.

Taking to her Instagram, Tanasha penned a caption in anticipation of her baby shower.

Hey munchkin, 👶🏽❤️ It’s your day my love. Maman t’aime tellement mon bebe d’amour 🎈🎉 @bestwesterncoralbeachhotel See you later!

Tanasha Donna

Lanes! This is how Diamond and Tanasha Donna’s baby shower went down

One fan wrote,

‘Too young to be a mother.’

Tanasha was quick to respond to the fan asking her to learn how to mind her own business.

‘Too old to be minding other people’s business. mxieeeeew’ She wrote

Below are some of the comments by fans defending Tanasha from the troll.

kish_bunde: @cambrynz This is her account..she is minding her business..why the bile???

santineriminza: @cambrynz she is on her page and making posts that concerns her … not u haters I love the way true friends are reducing your numbers to rags

mishkeds: Some people think from their stomachs, your mother got married at 17 yrs due to your pregnancy and you are busy yap yapping at a lady who’s above 24, too young to be mother.. kweraaa.

‘I pray that my unborn son will love me like my other kids do,’ cries Diamond

dextaellis:@nyabokelenah, I thought she was over 18???…can you people please leave this lady alone enjoy being a first-time mother like we all did? Geeez!

chuma37:@nyabokelenahif she is over 18 she can have kids she is an adult.

gasyombua:@nyabokelenah 24 not young to have a baby, she is old enough.

ninsareano:@_lenadaisy people gonna hate, and you’ll never understand y that’s so… No one can avoid that but all u got is urself and yourself to live on ur terms and make urself happy.