Legendary singer Saida Karoli says she tried to take away her life four times in the last nine years when she felt like she didn’t want to live anymore.

“For nine years now, I have had suicidal thoughts. Something telling me that I am nothing in this world. But from January this year. That thing disappeared and I felt free.”


“Sometimes I would dream I am dead or I’m being buried. Sometimes, I would sit and think of killing myself. I tried killing myself four times.”

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At the time, Saida was at the top of music charts with songs like “Chambua Kama Karanga”

“One time, I tried using a rope and another time bought rat medicine but all this different times, people would abruptly come in to save me.”


Just this year, the singer says that she sought for help from the Mosque and was freed from every bondage.

“I had given up. I started waking up at 3:00 AM to pray. They were reporting that I had died. That time I was going through a lot. My husband died after he fell in a well. He was cleaning and that time I was pregnant. From there, I stopped taking alcohol. I had a good voice but I didn’t see any progress in my life.”

Saida revealed all these in an interview with Tanzanian media personality Zamaradi Mketema.

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