Fashion blogger Rutendo Tichiwangani

Rutendo Tichiwangani, born Zimbabwean and UK based fashion blogger is on her knees begging followers to help her raise money for fears she might be deported to Zimbabwe.

According to the fashion blogger, her parents came to the U.K as refugees and she joined them when she was 10 years and since then, she has never been granted UK residency status.

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RutendoTichiwangani portrays a luxury lifestyle online and she revealed that all that lifestyle is not real and she is not as rich as she looks on social media. She disclosed that some of the clothes, shoes and designer handbags among other luxurious items she flaunts on Instagram do not belong to her.

The UK Home Office has given the fashion blogger until May 6, to re-apply for a visa which it said will be considered on its own merit or else, be deported to Zimbabwe.

Fashion blogger Rutendo Tichiwangani

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In a lengthy post she shared online, she says she’s worried that she will be deported because she’s unable to raise the money to reapply for a visa.

“Hi guys, I have been in the UK for 12 years now and I still haven’t managed to get citizenship. I have come to the end of my 6 years discretionary leave and to apply for my citizenship I have to pay £2,300. Right now because of the situation I am in I haven’t managed to save any money, I lost my job, I am in debt and I can’t even get a job right now to work and save. This is because with my visa expiring in a month, no one will hire me temporarily. I have only 1 month left to gather this money and I am running out of time. The reason why I have left it so late is because I was trying EVERYTHING in power to sort it out, but I have come to the end of the road,” she wrote in part.

Adding that:

“I have 1 month before my application has to be in so realistically it would be best to reach my goal in 3 weeks. I am really hoping we manage to reach it! I don’t know how I will thank everyone, but even £1 from everyone would be something and I will appreciate it so much!”

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Fashion blogger Rutendo Tichiwangani


Fashion blogger Rutendo Tichiwangani


Fashion blogger Rutendo Tichiwangani



Fashion blogger Rutendo Tichiwangani


Fashion blogger Rutendo Tichiwangani


Fashion blogger Rutendo Tichiwangani

Watch the video below of the fashion blogger narrate who she really is and what she goes through

Indeed it’s a world of ‘fake it till you make it!’