Hii dunia inaelekea wapi jameni! The things that are happening in this world are indeed shocking. Is it that the prophetic ‘end of the world’ times are here with us? It is really looking like so!

From around the world, we are getting strange news which can only suggest that the end times are nigh. People are doing strange things and I believe it’s from these evil deeds that we continue to experience calamities after calamities. Could it be a case of God being angry with mankind??

‘I’ll Use The Money My Lecturer Sent Me For Abortion FOR SHOPPING!’ Declares Angry University Girl

Well, one woman, who looks like she was already in her third-trimester of pregnancy, has shocked world after recording herself trying to induce an abortion.

In a video that she believably recorded with her phone, the heavily pregnant woman could be seen doing the unthinkable!!

Dressed in a loose silk nightie, the woman is filmed hitting her baby bump so hard with a claw hammer, an action that has been observed to have been an attempt to induce the abortion of the unborn baby.

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Her intentions have shocked many people around the world, as the video was uploaded on popular video sharing platform YouTube, with some calling for her arrest. As a matter of fact, abortion is still illegal in Kenya and many other countries across the world.

See the utterly shocking video below…


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