Sameer Intisar Ali aka Aliiptisam aka Arab Princess sent tongues wagging after she was unveiled as a new member on Nairobi Diaries season 6.

Altipsam boobies6

Many thought that she was the real queen b*tch and she would atleast teach her fellow reality stars some manners and of course grammar but it seems we were wrong.

Altipsam boobies

The sexylicious socialite is not different from the rest.

I Would Rather Give My Dog Fellatio Than Tolerate Those Nairobi Diaries Women! Confesses Popular Sexologist

Sameer has been left embarrassed and humiliated after she murdered the queen’s language.

The reality star pronounced the word “PSYCHO” as “SICHO” leaving many laughing for days.

Of all the people? How can such as self-proclaimed classy woman fail to pronounce English words correctly?

Arab Princess

And if you thought that was all, she also pulled another one. “..someone is going to be TEACHED a lesson”

shocked dog

Don’t you think Nairobi Diaries should do a remix with Wavinya Ndeti? It can be a hot jam!

Well, Kenyans are trolling the Arab Princess on social media and here are some of the comments, utacheka ujikojolee

Psl: Am watching this thing now. And am getting worried. Dear, please learn basic English, you can’t say “removing bad words against her’ then what is sicho?? its psycho.

Joy: Just use the OG accent we heard when Mishi jumped on you in the forest and stop peppering the ‘r’ everywhere it’s not by force that we should all have “American” accents ?
Timmy: Lollll ..I wish you knew how boring and irritating you are.  Even your own shadow inakulaani ….LAAANATULLAH WEWE. Ati Arab princess. You should be called Arab Shuzi.

Browny: Classy my foot …….”sicho” ?????? you are embarrassing yo English teacher……

Mezlon: “I need Proper lesson teached” Sameer did you go to school? ??

Grace: Tuned in brought a neck brace for Samia just in case she can’t hold her head up again today #NairobiDiaries

Anjee: This new Aliiptisam chic on Nairobi Diaries. Is she a coke fiend? Look at her eyes. English is also not her mouth. Does she have Tourette’s?

Gracy: This Arab chic eti “teached” where did grammar go to?????

Saida: I gara leave. RUSUNGU SI MDOMO CHETU