Rapper Timmy Tdat hit the headlines in July this year after reports that he had been caught with a firearm in the airport on his way to Eldoret.

During that time, the Dus Nyau hitmaker told Mpasho he was just being suspected but nothing more,

“WAlikua wana-suspect niko na firearms.Haha Sasa nitatoa wapi? Walini-suspect tu. I think ni juu ya vile image yangu iko; dreadlocks, tattoos”

Well, we recently sat Timmy Tdat down to ask him about the gun issue and he responded by simply saying the only gun he has was on his body,

“Yes, I have  a gun, I have a tattoo of a gun in my body.”

‘Forget Beyonce, Dela Ndio Dem Mbaya Saa Hii,’ Timmy Tdat

And so what happened on that day?

“I was carrying my perfume in my luggage and the security thought it was some kind of fire arms, so they searched my bags. It wasn’t something big.”

He and singer Dela are currently ruling the airwaves with the hit song We’ll Be Ok.